Januar 2023
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TV Avisen på DR d. 8-1-2023 kl. 08.00:


Transcription (auto translated):

For 5 years, an app has been tested in the Central Jutland region to make the treatment process safer for patients. So far, the results are good, and therefore the initiative should be spread to the rest of the country, so it sounds from several sides.

"That system just works. Hold on, you heard so many stupid stories, but this, it works. And it works well."

With the app, the patient gets a so-called digital process guide on the phone, where they can chat directly with the associated nurse. They can also watch video guides related to their illness, and then they are reminded of appointments at the hospital. And one of the patients who has greatly benefited from the app is Povl Balslev here, who was previously associated with the Vascular Surgery Department at Aarhus University Hospital. Because when he had a dissection of the carotid artery by the heart, yes, the ongoing contact with the hospital was particularly important to him.

"It is a very great security and a nice thing that you have personal knowledge. And then also the fact that if something happens, you can quickly get a qualified answer."

Up to now, around one hundred thousand digital courses have been completed for 50,000 patients in the region, and also for nurses like Rikke Mikkelsen.

"The app here is a really good tool. we can feel that it gives our patients a sense of security in their patient care, and it is really important for us as staff that we can feel that our patients are comfortable with both to come here, but also to live."

Yes, then you are with Anders Kühnau, chairman of the regional council in Central Jutland and also chairman of Danish Regions. So, it sounds like this with the digital Progress Guide is a success. It has been tested for five years, so if it is such a good idea, why haven't you spread it to the rest of the country long ago?

"It is a really good idea when we create new solutions that we test them properly before we spread them. And of course we have to do that with this one as well. Now we are at the point where you can say that now we are ready to spread it. We have spread many digital solutions in the Danish healthcare system. We actually have probably the most digital healthcare system in the world. We have, among other things, sundhed.dk and many other solutions that the Danes have become familiar with, which are widespread across the regions. And I think that will also happen with this app now."

So you can see great perspectives in it. But what will it take for it to be used in more hospitals? What is the next step here?

"The next step is clearly that we spread it just as many other digital solutions are spread, and we also have the systems to do that. We have very good cooperation between the regions in the IT area. Go against what you sometimes see in the public . So we actually have a very digitized healthcare system in Denmark. One of the most digitized in the world.

And we have good cooperation around it, and I think that also means that we get this spread out quite quickly. We also have different solutions in this area, but we are working together to find a solution that, overall, can provide the best for the Danes. And we are about to get there now. Fortunately."