TV Avisen: App ensures better care for new parents

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Published on 17th October, 2018 by Klaus Veng
In connection with Danish Regions' launch of a new initiative, "Godt fra Start" on October 15, 2018, DR visited Aarhus University Hospital with a focus on a groundbreaking new app that helps new families with the right knowledge at the right time. This resulted in both a morning news item on DR's website and a feature on TV Avisen at 18.30.
Danish Regions' new proposal includes 16 initiatives, where emento is tailored to initiative no. 12. Danish Regions' initiative, ”Godt fra Start”.
You can find more information in this news item on DR´s website.
In this connection, Danish Regions also published a news item on their website and a video about the collaboration, which you can watch here.
Klaus Veng
Klaus Veng
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