Central Denmark Region strengthens quality and patient safety through digital care guides

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Published on 7th April, 2021 by Allan Juhl
Over the next few years, patients and citizens in the Central Denmark Region will be offered better communication when they are undergoing treatment at one of the region's hospitals. 
- We have started a revolution in communication with patients. We can thank Aarhus University Hospital for putting a lot of effort into and taking the lead in driving the project forward. When we introduce the digital care guide, we will create a coherent communication from the letter of invitation to the patient's discharge. It provides an overview, security and coherence and makes it easier to be both patient and employee, says Ole Thomsen, Executive Director of the Central Denmark Region.
Evaluation and impact
The region has recently entered into an agreement with the IT companies KMD and Emento to deliver digital products that make it easy for individual departments to build care guides. 
The digital care guides are already being used in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the Department of Heart, Lung and Vascular Surgery (AUH), the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AUH, Psychiatry) and the Diagnostic Center (Hospitalsenhed Midt). In all of them, patients have been very satisfied with the new service:
 - "We can see from the preliminary evaluations that the care guide is perceived as user-friendly, and that patients become more informed, feel safe and take co-responsibility for their course when they use the care guide," says Jørgen Schøler, Medical Director at Aarhus University Hospital. The idea for digital care guides came about when the wards were aware that the several pages of patient information sent out at once can be difficult to read, use and understand. Therefore, both citizens and healthcare professionals were involved in the development of the digital care guides. 
In the new app, the patient does not receive everything at once, but only what is relevant in relation to examination, diagnosis and treatment at the point in the process where the patient is - based on the principle of the right information at the right time.
Reuse of content
The content of the care guide will largely reuse content from the hospitals' websites, where over the past two years, mobile-optimized patient universes have been created with almost 6,000 guides based on common principles across the region. In addition, the care guide will be supplemented with short videos, links to relevant systems and animations with information. 
The new app also makes it possible for staff to monitor whether patients have received the information in good time, for example about fasting. This gives staff peace of mind and saves both patient and healthcare resources, because time is used properly.

Starting from the patient's needs

As the care guide is digital via an app, the material can be quickly adapted to patients' needs.
- The patient-healthcare dialog is traditionally a kind of one-size-fits-all, where the healthcare system communicates in the same way to everyone and places a - sometimes overwhelming - amount of information on the recipient at once. There is a need for more up-to-date communication that is based on the patient's needs and individual pathway. The digital care guide modernizes the dialogue between patient and staff, and KMD is committed to contributing to the public sector in an innovative and secure way," says Merete Søby, Director of Data-driven Solutions at KMD.
In developing the digital care guides, Emento has worked on the basis of the needs of citizens and patients. In collaboration with the Central Denmark Region, the focus has evolved over time into a broader perspective on IT, communication and digitization, where learning in communication and improving the patient's and citizen's health competencies have been paramount.
- For a long time, we have had an innovation collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital and the patients on the digital care guides. Therefore, it is very gratifying for us that we can now spread digital care guides for the benefit of all patients throughout the Central Denmark Region, says Allan Juhl, Director of Emento
Facts about the timetable
The Central Denmark Region, Emento and KMD are now starting work on the first selected departments throughout the Central Denmark Region to scale the implementation so that it covers a large number of patients in the region. During 2021, the plan is to spread out more processes and then scale the implementation.
Allan Juhl
Allan Juhl
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