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Published on 10th October, 2018 by Allan Juhl
Smart app makes life as a patient easier'. This is the headline of a report in TV2 Lorry about Nordsjællands Hospital's test of Emento.
It is one thing to be struck by illness and have to be hospitalized. Another thing is that you also have to keep track of a whole lot of information and appointments sent to your e-Boks both before and after your hospitalization. It can seem quite overwhelming.
Nordsjællands Hospital is currently testing our enterprise solution and looking at how the Emento app can be used to better prepare patients before their surgery or examination. The app is being tested by patients undergoing shoulder or knee surgery at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery as well as patients undergoing a CT scan of their colon or patients undergoing an MRI scan of their small intestine.
You can watch the TV2 Lorry report below:

A win-win for both patients and hospital staff

The app presents patients with an overview of their appointments. The app also contains a list of activities, information and videos to prepare the patient for the operation or examination. All information is provided to the patient at the point in the process when they need it most.
Via the Emento app, patients can send messages to the department and staff can respond when it is convenient. In the feature, Chief Physician Leif Berner from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Nordsjællands Hospital says: "Our patients are happy with it, and our staff are happy too. The staff have a more relaxed working day because they don't get calls all the time. Instead, they can answer inquiries via the app from patients when they have time"
The app not only makes the staff's working day more efficient. It also makes patients feel safer. Stefan G. Rasmussen from Frederikssund, Denmark's air captain, who has undergone knee surgery at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, explains it in the feature this way: "It has been a fantastic tool. From the moment I was told that I could have a new knee until I had to have surgery, the app went in and helped me know what I had to go through and what things I could do before the operation. It gave me peace of mind".
Allan Juhl
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