Nominated for the 2018 Digitalization Prize

Published on 25th February, 2018 by Mikkel Bech
In collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital (AUH), we have been nominated for the Digitalization Award 2018 under the category "Coherence Award".
The "Coherence Award" is given to a project that has contributed to making the public sector significantly more transparent and coherent for citizens and businesses alike. The project for which we, in collaboration with AUH, have been nominated is our OPI project (Public Private Innovation Agreement) "From patient summons to digital pathway coordinator", which began back in October 2016.

Coherent patient pathways

The purpose of the project has, through a year and a half of work, been to investigate how patients can best be prepared for their own course of treatment and then create a greater coherence in patient pathways from the patient receives a summons to the finished course of treatment. At the same time, the collection of data should create more knowledge about the quality and effect of communication to patients, so that it can be continuously adjusted and thereby become more targeted and relevant to the individual patient.

New, digital companion in your pocket

Together with AUH, we have developed a digital solution that helps patients to prepare themselves before coming to the hospital. Invitation letters can be long, text-heavy and full of misunderstood formulations, but in the new app-based solution, everything takes place on the patient's terms through digitized and individual information before, during and after the hospital visit.
There is e.g. For example, it is possible to ask questions directly to the staff via a messaging system instead of waiting in a telephone queue during fixed appointment times. EMENTO also allows hospital staff to follow the patient's preparations and proactively respond if the patient fails to perform important tasks such as fasting.

Developing together with patients

Patients need to be active participants in the treatment process, and this can only happen if they understand the context in which treatment takes place. It is difficult to feel safe if you are being led around the treatment system as a passive spectator. Since the start of the project in 2016, we have therefore developed communication with patients and staff from three departments, and throughout the process we have worked to challenge assumptions and take a questioning approach to everything. This has led to frequent iterations and changes to the solution that has been tested. We have worked on the theory that it is not possible to think of the best solution, but that it is necessary to test it on the end users. Special praise must go to the departments we have worked with at AUH. We have admired their courage to embark on video production and dare to test assumptions from the very beginning.

From monologue to dialog

It is no coincidence that we ended up with a process-based app. The EMENTO app combines the patient's individual communication profile and needs with a pathway-based template, making it possible to communicate the relevant information when the patient is most motivated to receive it. In this way, staff can monitor the patient's preparation and make continuous improvements. Previously, it was not possible to see whether the patient has read and understood the information in the invitation letter, but a solution has now been tested to the great benefit of staff and patients.
"It turns out that when patients watch the little video clips or get a notification that they have to do this or that, they are much more prepared than they were before," says Birthe Roelsgaard, ward nurse, Cardiac, Pulmonary and Vascular Surgery.
Rasmus, 25, underwent funnel chest surgery, and like many others, he expressed great enthusiasm after having the app throughout his surgery:
"I think the app is a good tool to get an insight into how it all works. It was nice to have some videos. It gave a better impression, because you can sit and read a lot of papers, but what is it like in reality?"
The collaboration has shown great potential in digital pathway communication for the benefit of patients and hospitals. Therefore, we see it as a great pat on the back to be nominated for the Digitization Award 2018.
In addition to our good collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital, we are also in the process of developing new pathways in other clinical areas at Nordsjællands Hospital in Hillerød, and we are currently testing EMENTO in municipal addiction treatment in the City of Copenhagen.
If you are interested in reading the full OPI report, you can read it here:
DR TV Avisen: Caring for new parents from EMENTO A/S on Vimeo.
Watch the video with Christian to understand some of the challenges patients face today.
Mikkel Bech
Mikkel Bech
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