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Published on 15th December, 2022 by Allan Juhl
More confident citizens who feel included and empowered in their own care pathway is the result for the Social Services Administration in the City of Copenhagen, which has been offering citizens a digital care guide since 2017. Experience shows that all citizens - even in stressful situations or under cognitive pressure - benefit from their digital care guides. This means that the Social Administration has found a way to also help the so-called digitally vulnerable citizens to benefit from a digital solution. The content and design is the responsibility of the individual department's employees to build on Emento's platform. The citizen's care guide is delivered via an app on the citizen's phone. It provides a direct line of communication to the municipality's employees. "The messaging function in the app is something that many of the citizens make a lot of use of and are very happy with. In particular, the function has created great value, as it allows citizens to write things that they may find difficult to talk about physically," writes KL and KOMBIT's Knowledge Centre for Digitalization and Technology in the article, "Digital solution makes it easier to be a citizen in a treatment process in the City of Copenhagen"
According to the article, the employees of the City of Copenhagen have also registered that the videos that staff add to the app as a guide to help and answers to questions are frequently viewed by citizens. "The administration has also found that citizens find it very useful to be able to review the information material available on the platform, for example in the form of "Show the Way" videos. In Borgercenter Handicap, the employees have been able to see that some citizens have re-watched these videos up to 10 times, and that it has therefore been a great help for them to have the app at their fingertips," writes KL and KOMBIT's Knowledge Centre for Digitalization and Technology.
The purpose of the Social Administration's digital care guides for patients and citizens and their relatives is to help, lift and clarify. The citizens who receive help from the Social Services Administration in the City of Copenhagen often find themselves in difficult life situations, including treatment, counseling, guidance and case management, and it turns out that the digital care guides have enabled employees to reach citizens they were previously unable to reach. The first place the digital care guides were implemented was in the addiction area, where the solution delivered very good results. Fewer no-shows were experienced, and citizens stayed in the programs, which was previously difficult to retain them in. Borgercenter Handicap and Borgercenter Børn og Unge also have digital care guides built on Emento's platform, and the Social Administration in the City of Copenhagen wants to use the solution in all services in the administration. The article from KL and KOMBIT's Knowledge Centre for Digitalization and Technology states that with the digital care guides, the Social Services Administration "has gained a communication and information channel for citizens, where they can give citizens a special sense of security and more knowledge about why they have a case in the administration, as well as what the future plan is in their process. The aim of the solution is that it will contribute to citizens' increased trust in the Social Services Administration and a belief that they are there to help citizens".
Allan Juhl
Allan Juhl
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