We have won a Danish Design Award together with Nordsjællands Hospital

Published on 21st May, 2019 by Mikkel Bech
Every year, the Danish Design Award celebrates the best design solutions and shows the many ways in which design can make a difference for people and our society.
We are therefore super proud to have won a Danish Design Award 2019 in the category "Outstanding Service" together with our partner Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland/Nordsjællands Hospital. The award was given for our work to ensure an individualized flow of communication to patients before, during and after treatment. The picture is from the Award Show in Industriens Hus on May 13th, where I received the award together with Chief Consultant Leif Berner Hansen from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Nordsjællands Hospital.
With our platform, Nordsjællands Hospital has worked with the digital service experience and created "My Digital Care Guide". Through our app, patients now get the right knowledge at the right time in the treatment process, and the hospital guides and supports patients even if they are not physically present at the hospital. Patients can also use the app to send messages to staff. "My Digital Care Guide" thus creates a sense of security, proximity and patient satisfaction. At the same time, based on the patients' feedback in the app, the hospital can better anticipate no-shows and thereby optimize workflows.
The jury said: "My Digital Care Guide excels by being a digital product that puts the patient, the human being, at the center, not the systems and the treatment process itself. This makes it a good design solution and not just a concept. The app has a clear, holistic functionality and can change the way we interact with the healthcare system today. At the same time, it can help reduce costs in a financially strained sector by reminding patients to show up for treatments. In a country like Denmark, with a tax-financed healthcare system, this benefits the whole society".
We are very happy about the award. Winning the Danish Design Award in the category "Outstanding Service" emphasizes that our work on co-creation of the local healthcare system makes sense for all parties. With the solution, we show the value of involving both healthcare professionals and patients in the work to ensure that patients receive the right knowledge at the right time in their treatment process. It is clear that when the hospital takes digital transformation seriously, together we can create great value for all parties.
 a video about the collaboration
DDA2019 01
Interview på scenen til Danish Design Award
DDA2019 02
Danish Design Award 2019 - We Celebrate the Difference Design can make!
Danish Design Award 2019 - alle vindere
Mikkel Bech
Mikkel Bech
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