Fewer inpatient days for patients with the Care Guide

At the Department of Surgery at Slagelse Hospital, patients undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer are benefiting from a Care Guide from Emento. The result is safer and more well-informed patients who need fewer days in hospital and who recover faster. This is according to Region Zealand News. Patients undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer at the Department of Surgery at Slagelse Hospital are given a Care Guide to help them through the process. This gives them a tool that improves both preparation for surgery, treatment and rehabilitation, because patients can more easily remember the information and participate more actively in the treatment process.

"The patient who uses the app is a completely different patient who is well-informed and knows pretty much everything about what's going to happen. Our experience is that patients who use the app request treatment rather than wait for treatment," says Chief Physician Line Walker to Region Zealand News.

The Care Guide is given to patients via an app, and experience shows that patients who have received information via a Care Guide built on the Emento platform feel more confident about what will happen in terms of surgery, treatment and rehabilitation, and that they need a shorter stay in hospital than patients who have not received a Care Guide. The app provides crucial help and support According to Region Zealand News, patients undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer usually receive a lot of information at once, which makes it difficult to remember and thus affects compliance. But with a Care Guide, the information is distributed over time and given to the patient exactly when it is relevant in the process.

"The benefit for the patient is shorter hospitalization, and thus less time in the hospital bed, and a faster road to recovery, according to the results from Slagelse Hospital," writes Region Zealand News.

The department's innovation consultant, Isa Holmboe, has been in charge of the project to provide patients with a Care Guide from Emento. According to her, communication with patients used to be a "3-centimeter thick pile of paper" that patients found difficult to use, partly because patients are in a state of emotion after receiving a cancer diagnosis, which makes it difficult for them to think about anything else during the conversations.

The Care Guide app works in a completely different, supportive way for patients. Isa Holmboe explains to Region Zealand News that the app has provided noticeable help to patients by providing the right amount of information at the right time:

"With the app, the patient gets information when it is needed. For example, at the time when they should start fasting before surgery," says Isa Holmboe.

According to Region Zealand News, a normal hospitalization time for patients with colon cancer is four days. With the Care Guide, the department can "cut one day off the process. Patients undergoing treatment for rectal cancer can cut two and a half days off their hospitalization time, which without the app is six days".

The Department of Surgery has been working with the Emento platform and the Care Guide since 2020.

Approximately 6 out of 10 colorectal cancer patients use the app during hospitalization at Slagelse Hospital. Over the past two years, 114 out of 179 hospitalized patients with colon cancer have used the app. For patients with rectal cancer, 53 out of 87 hospitalized patients have used the Emento Care Guide.

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